Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Nolan Ryan reunion might actually happen

I haven't really put much stock in this Nolan Ryan Homecoming. Ryan didn't want to be a figurehead in Arlington, and Jim Crane isn't exactly looking for a GM. And let's not forget that the Ryan group which purchased the Rangers had to pay more than perhaps they wanted because there was a rival bid for the team by...Jim Crane. So, yeah, it was always fun to think about Nolan coming back (again) to Houston. I just didn't think it would happen.

That's why the last twelve hours have been interesting. Nolan Ryan told Mark Berman:
Reid and I've worked together before here in Round Rock and I would enjoy that opportunity because it's not very often you get that opportunity. I'd certainly look forward to that if that turned out to be a doable deal...I've said all along the only two organizations that I would have an interest in working with would be the Rangers or the Astros. Obviously, I've retired from the Rangers. So if I got back into baseball it would pretty much be limited to the Astros.

Crane said all the right things about seeing if there's a fit, accomplished man, love-Nolan-Ryan, type statements. If this happens, it's going to be fascinating.


Anonymous said...

I'm worried about it actually. Obviously Nolan would be great to have as a resource/special assistant/etc. but forcing him into the hierarchy with too much authority might cause problems. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Baseball side has been working great, I think you have to be careful about changes at the top.

Anonymous said...

Can an owner of one team be involved in the decision making of another team? It would seem a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

First commenter:Baseball side has been working great? Worst record in baseball three years in a row.
Second commenter: Nolan Ryan has no ownership in the Rangers, as he sold his share.

W. B. said...

Nolan Ryan is of no value to the Astros. His day has come and gone.

Terence said...

To say that Nolan is of no value to the Astros is foolish. The Astros have an image problem at the moment. Having Ryan join the franchise in some capacity could certainly help fix some of the image problems and win back some of the casual/bandwagon fans. The difficult part would be finding a role where he can feel like he is contributing, without causing divisions and distractions.

ntxlfty said...

I'm still pissed about him voting to move the good guys to the wrong league. Frankly, I'd like an apology.

Anonymous said...

He was pushing for the move to the AL to improve the financial position of the Rangers.

Screw him, he's dead to me.