Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keith Law ranks the Astros' system #1

It's an Insider-only piece, so we won't pull much from it (respecting the pay site, such as it is), but Keith Law says the Astros have the top farm system in baseball. A quick nugget:

The Astros have done everything they needed to do to restock what was a few years ago the worst system in the majors...It's been ugly, Astros fans, but hang in there.

The Top Ten:
1) Houston
2) Minnesota
3) Pittsburgh
4) Chicago Cubs
5) Boston
6) New York Mets
7) Kansas City
8) Colorado
9) San Diego
10) Baltimore

And the rest of the AL West?

13) Texas
21) Seattle
26) Oakland
29) Anaheim


Anonymous said...

whats even more exciting is that this doesnt take into account rodon and this draft year....

luhnow 4 everything. take my future daughter i literally DO NOT CARE

also f every other fan thats been hating on our strategy. its worked out perfectly.

Teddy said...

"also f every other fan thats been hating on our strategy. its worked out perfectly."

Gotta agree on this statement, saw the mention of this on the Chronicle website and for some reason decided to look at the comments (Mistake #1), saw many posters bad mouthing everything the Astros have done while claiming they are intelligent baseball fans. I decided I would reply (Mistake #2) to some of these "intelligent" fans to enlighten them (Mistake #3) as to how their thinking was skewed. Needless to say, I was ridiculed and told that I have a certain member of Crain's body in one of my orifices and apparently I enjoy it and ask for more, or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean it's worked out...none of those impact prospects have it to the Bigs yet nor had sustained success.