Monday, January 27, 2014

Baseball Prospectus' Top 101 prospects

So the BP team (one of whom will likely be working for the Astros within 12 months) this morning released their Top 101 prospects. Let's do the thing:

Carlos Correa - #5
George Springer - #20
Mark Appel - #21
Mike Foltynewicz - #43
Jon Singleton - #57


*Singleton is the only 1B prospect on the list.
*Correa is the 3rd-ranked SS prospect, and five SS prospects comprise BP's top seven prospects.
*After Byron Buxton and Oscar Taveras (#1 and #3, respectively), Springer is the 3rd-ranked OF prospect.
*Teams with 5+ prospects on BP's list:
-Minnesota (8)
-Chicago Cubs (7)
-Kansas City (7)
-Pittsburgh (7)
-Texas (7)
-Boston (6)
-Baltimore (5)
*Teams, like the Astros, with four prospects in the Top 50?
-Chicago Cubs
-Kansas City
*Correa is the top-ranked Age 19 (or younger) prospect
*Springer is the top-ranked Age 24 (or older) prospect
*With the exception of Springer, all of the other prospects listed are Age 22 or younger.