Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rockies somehow win Topps Org of the Year award

Topps - the card company - somehow named the Colorado Rockies as their organization of the year.

The award is given annually to the team that, according to Topps, a company forever connected to the sport because of its baseball trading cards and memorabilia, "has shown outstanding performance, depth and talent throughout their Major and Minor League teams." It is based on points given for the number of players in the organization that have received Topps awards during the season in various Minor and Major League rookie categories. 

So the Rockies, of the .481 minor-league winning percentage (23rd-best!) and 74-88 Major League record (23rd-best!), get an award which - of course - means absolutely nothing. It had just been a few hours since I'd been pissed off about something.