Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Astros among teams interested in Granderson

What do you know? The Astros, as well as the Mets, Cubs, and White Sox, are interested in signing Curtis Granderson. Granderson, who will be 33 next March, rejected the Yankees' qualifying offer yesterday.

We addressed this in the Spending Crane's Money post last month, but there are a few things working against the Astros in signing Granderson, who has hit .274/.357/.519 against RHP for his career:

1) Granderson is from Chicago.
2) Granderson's priority is signing with a winning team.

It's debatable how much the Homecoming Factor plays in to a free agent's decision-making process, but if Granderson wants to sign with a winning team (at least for 2014), he may pass on Houston.