Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's now Astros vs. Comcast and the Rockets

Sports Business Journal's Eric Fisher had these things to say today to highlight the further dysfunction of the CSN Houston drama:

So this has now elevated from Dumpster Fire to Train Wreck to Nuclear Spill.

Back in January the Houston Press learned that there was a carriage deal prior to the Rockets season but the Astros, who have to approve of any such deal - blocked it because it wasn't good enough. Jeff Balke wrote:
According to sources with knowledge of the situation, the Houston Astros, who are part owners of Comcast SportsNet Houston along with the Houston Rockets and NBC, nixed an 11th-hour deal with DirecTV that could have put CSN Houston on the provider and delivered Rockets games to its subscribers at the beginning of the Rockets season. Additionally, it is believed that such a deal, had it been completed with DirecTV, would have almost certainly led to similar deals with U-verse and Dish Network.

Well well. The next important date coming up is Monday, when the hearing on dismissing the bankruptcy suit is brought before the judge.

Read David Barron's piece on how the Astros and Rockets are linked. 

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Imasalmon said...

Seems pretty cut and dry: the Astros are threatening to pull their broadcast rights, which the Rockets don't want to see happen as it weakens their investment in CSN Houston. They also do not want a trustee appointed to force a carriage deal. Not exactly a "nuclear spill."