Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exit Music (For A Player): Jose Cisnero

We're taking a look at the Astros who are still on the 40-Man Roster as part of our off-season Exit Music (For A Player) recap of 2013. Read the archive here. Today we take on Jose Cisnero.

Acquired: Signed as an amateur free agent on December 6, 2007.

28 appearances - 43.2IP.
ERA: 4.12; FIP: 4.78; xFIP: 5.05
1.63 WHIP. 99 ERA+
Baseball-Reference WAR: 0.1; FanGraphs WAR: 0.0
K/9: 8.5; BB/9: 4.5
2013 Salary: $2.13/hour + tips

Jose Cisnero appeared in 28 games for the Astros in 2013, making his major-league debut on April 22. In those 28 appearances, he allowed at least one baserunner in 27 appearances - the lone perfect outing came in on July 22 vs. Oakland, when he faced two batters and retired them both. We here at Astros County raved about how Jose Veras could go ahead and get traded because Cisnero would be perfect to take over the Closer role. And why wouldn't we think that? Up to that point, Veras had a 3.00 ERA, inflated because he gave up six earned runs in 2.2IP in a 17-2 loss to the Tigers. Taking that ugly game out of the equation (which, admittedly, is a sketchy proposition to begin with), Cisnero had thrown 36.1IP, 31H/7ER, 40K:16BB. Pretty great, right?

Well. Over his final six appearances, including three after Veras was traded to Detroit, Cosnero threw 4.2IP, 10H/7ER, 1K:5BB, 3HR - a 13.50 ERA/3.21 WHIP. Six games is not a great sample size, but he was demoted on August 7, and didn't pitch again for Houston in 2013. For OKC over the rest of the season, Cisnero allowed a .324/.419/.514 line on a .579 BABIP, with 12H/8ER, 17K:6BB in 9IP.

High-Water Mark:
April 22 vs. Seattle. In his Major-League debut, Cisnero held the Mariners to 2H/0ER, 1K:1BB in 3.2IP.

What Went Well:
*Man, those first four appearances were fun. 8.1IP, 6H/1ER, 5K:1BB, a .529 OPS. Then he got lit up for 8H/6ER against Detroit.
*Not pitching at Minute Maid Park. Away from MMP (10 games/68 Batters Faced), Cisnero held hitters to a .258/.324/.355 line on a .327 BABIP.
*Getting the final out of the inning. The first batter Cisnero faced (27 Plate Appearances) had a .636/.704/.909 line, with a .722 BABIP. With 0 outs, opponents posted a .957 OPS. With 1 out, opponents posted an .835 OPS. With 2 outs, though, Cisnero held hitters to .241/.343/.345 line.

What Didn't:
*As great as his Away splits were, pitching in Houston was a disaster. All five of the homers he allowed were at Minute Maid, for a .297/.385/.523 line. That .907 OPS is 229 points higher than his Away OPS.
*Pitching against lefties. Righties had a .784 OPS against him. Not great, but not terrible, either. But lefties hit .293/.396/.476 against Cisnero. He walked 14 of the 96 left-handed batters he faced.
*Before the All-Star Break, Cisnero had allowed a .717 OPS through 20 appearances. In the eight appearances that followed the Break, Cisnero allowed a .393/.514/.857 line. Yeah, that's a 1.371 OPS.

2014 Contract: Pre-Arbitration
2014 Outlook: I don't know, man. The only above-average pitch Cisnero threw with any regularity was his changeup (via FanGraphs). His fastball and slider were both over three runs below average. But it does sit around 93mph. He's only 24, so I could see the Astros giving him a Spring Training to try to make the club again and see what happens.