Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Astros may be allowed to pursue another network

Okay, so things continued with the bankruptcy hearing late into last night and of course David Barron is your go-to source for what's happening. Here's your late-night recap (all information comes from Barron's twitter feed):

Basically, Judge Isgur said last night that he is considering entering an order that would allow both the Rockets and Astros to pursue other carriage deals:

I’m not hearing the Astros say anything but that they want a business plan that works. I’m not punishing them for wanting a business plan that works. I want a business plan that works, and the best way is for the Astros to investigate what kind of business plan works. Until he (Crane) can fully investigate without fear of reprisal, we’re not going to know.

But Isgur also warned the Astros that maybe bankruptcy is the best plan going forward, saying that Comcast's actions have been appropriate so far and that the business plan has simply failed.

Arguments will continue today, and could stretch into November, so we won't be providing the breathless minute-by-minute updates (as we half-heartedly did yesterday), but you'll get the gist.