Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Morning Link Dump

A quick note: Some of you have emailed asking where the Morning Drive podcasts have been this week. The short version is that the hosting service cut their upload allotments and then raised the subscription fee. So the Morning Drive is on hiatus until that gets figured out. In the meantime, Astros County is in the process of working up a little podcasting partnership with one of your other favorite sites. More on that later.

Here's your Friday Morning Link Dump, Friday.

*The New York Times' Tyler Kepner has a great article on the Astros, and the hope that is (might be) around the corner. The Astros' internal projections called for about 15 more wins, but Luhnow says 2013 is the first time in his career that all pitching prospects stayed healthy.

*Have you ever seen a headline that read "godforsaken Astros?" Now you have. Money quote in The Guardian's piece? "MLB's rules are complicit in helping the Astros engineer a farm system that makes Monsanto look small-time."

*New York's Newsday pleads with Rivera, Girardi, the Yankees, God, and anybody else I'm forgetting, not to pitch in Houston this weekend.

*Roger Clemens wrote a farewell to Mariano Rivera in today's Chronicle. The Yankees are going to be pissssssssed when Drayton McLane and Gerry Hunsicker lure Rivera out of retirement to pitch for the Astros next season.

*We'll look more at this in the coming weeks, but FanGraphs has a piece on how the Pirates built a playoff team. (Hint: xFIP)

*Andy Pettitte will pitch Saturday in Houston, not tonight. As Cockroach noted:

*The Astros will hold a press conference at 2pm Saturday for a major announcement with the
Governor of Veracruz.

*Read our Really Long Read about the 2003 Off-Season.