Monday, September 9, 2013

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Astros fan(s). Please scroll all the way to the bottom and read Jonah Keri's thoughts on the Astros. Here's just a pull from the very end:

Every team has its share of promising arms that don't pan out; we have example after example of exciting careers getting derailed, or at the very least sidetracked for a while. But the Astros have more and better young pitchers than most. Adding Rodon could make the team's stable of pitching prospects downright scary. Any rebuilding team with that many dynamic, up-and-coming pitchers has a great chance to turn its fortunes around.

Click the link and read what Keri wrote about Mike "Bad MF" Foltynewicz, Michael Feliz, Mark Appel, and the possibility of Carlos Rodon. Read. Close. Re-open. Repeat. 


Anonymous said...

Young pitchers can break your heart, but....the Astros appear to have built enough depth that they can reasonably assume to have a top pitching staff soon; and if everything goes well, they'll also have some good young surplus arms that will be valuable trade chips.....

Anonymous said...

As someone who has seen a lot of Folty, I had to stop reading after the "flashing a better than average changeup" and "football player's build." This is the type of writing that so misinforms people on MilB players.

The truth is good enough. No need for hyperbole and disinformation.