Monday, September 9, 2013

BA says the Astros 40-Man roster isn't really all that full

Back in August the Crawfish Boxes posted a recap of a meeting between season ticket holders and Astros president Reid Ryan which, in part, addressed George Springer's Leave-Down (as opposed to "Call-Up"):

The FO expects the team to be a big Rule 5 target this year and so they need to protect as many guys as possible. Since Springer isn't Rule 5 eligible yet there's no need to protect him and therefore, no 40 man spot until next year. 

Farmstros' Mike Tauser got a question in to Baseball America about this very topic: Do the Astros really have to worry about getting Rule 5 picked to death?

In reality, the Astros are not facing a 40-man roster crunch. They have the deepest farm system in the minors, but most of the players worth protecting won’t become Rule 5 eligible until 2014 and beyond.

Basically BA is saying that the players the Astros "need to protect" won't really appeal to other teams...not enough for them to stick on a 25-Man roster for the entire 2014 season. Next year, though...


Anonymous said...

It is surprising that other teams aren't drooling to snatch up players who either couldn't make or couldn't distinguish themselves on a 100+ loss club.

Anyways, nice to see some light shed on reasoning that was sketchy at best.

Lyle Smith said...

Astros are planning to dominate the American League for the next quarter century. New York Yankees watch out.

Mike Castleman Jr. said...

I'd normally expect these kind of snarky comments at Hchron