Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2014 Schedule Released

The times are yet to be determined, but Brian McTaggart has your 2014 Astros schedule. Immediate thoughts:

*The Astros' season runs from Tuesday, April 1 - Sunday, September 28.
*The Astros open at home with a seven-game homestand: three games against the Yankees and four games against the Angels.
*Once again, April is AL West-heavy: 28 games in April, 17 against the AL West (and seven with Oakland).
*The Astros are on the road for Memorial Day and July 4th.
*Labor Day is my chief complaint. The Astros have a nine-game homestand from August 25 - September 3. Labor Day is Monday, September 1. Who do the Astros play? Nobody. They start a two (TWO) game series with the Angels on September 2nd. Well, sure, you say. The Angels must be wrapping up a four-game series with somebody on Labor Day, right? No. The Astros and Angels are both off on Labor Day, sitting in their hotel rooms, not playing on the last major holiday before the end of the season. This is ridiculous.
*The Astros have two ten-game road trips from August 14 - September 15. 
*Longest homestand: Ten games, July 25 - August 3.
*Interleague Play: April 29-30 vs. Washington; June 17/18 @ Washington; June 24-26 vs. Atlanta; July 25-27 vs. Miami; August 5-7 @ Philadelphia; September 26-28 @ NY Mets.
*"Natural Rivalry Week" - June 9/10 @ Arizona; June 11/12 vs. Arizona