Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vote for George Springer

USA Today is holding their annual Minor League Player of the Year contest, in which you can vote for exactly what it sounds like.Your options are:

Xander Bogaerts (SS - Boston)
Archie Bradley (RHP - Arizona)
Byron Buxton (OF - Minnesota)
Miguel Sano (3B - Minnesota)
George Springer (OF - Houston)

We'll help you decide:

*Bogaerts is hitting .304/.392/.490 (.882 OPS) between Double-A Portland and Triple-A Pawtucket with 90K:60BB in 499 PAs. He collects teammates' toenails in a jar.
*Bradley is 11-5 with a 1.84 ERA/1.19 WHIP, having allowed 103H/28ER, 150K:59BB in 136.2IP between High-A Visalia and Double-A Mobile. He enjoys kicking children.
*Buxton is hitting .328/.410/.522 (.932 OPS) between Low-A Cedar Rapids and High-A Fort Myers with 95K:62BB in 503 PAs. He is known for urinating on your grill.
*Sano is hitting .293/.391/.622 (1.013 OPS) between High-A Fort Myers and Double-A New Britain with 116K:56BB. He likes to punch your grandmother in the keister.
*George Springer is hitting .301/.407/.597 (1.005 OPS) between Corpus and OKC with 147K:71BB in 515 PAs. He's the first 30/30 player in the minors since 2009. He loves puppies, eating his vegetables, living a good, clean life and being a sweetheart in general. He reads for pleasure and has been known to let your grandfather win at cards.

The choice is yours.