Monday, July 29, 2013

Perpetual Bud Norris Post

Rather than post something new every 25 minutes for the next eight days, here is a perpetual Bud Norris trade rumor post, which will be updated as news rolls in. As always, this does not reference any unsourced speculation, or our personal feelings. Just a running timeline of news from credible (i.e., not dudes with 21 followers claiming to be Ken Rosenthal).

List of teams linked to have interest in Norris:
Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles (Dodgers), Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis, Texas, Toronto

July 28: The Braves are out of the Peavy sweepstakes. (Ken Rosenthal)
July 26: Braves "aren't roaring down the Bud Norris trail. Lacks big-game experience they would look for if they deal for a starter." (Jayson Stark)
July 26: One unnamed exec on Norris talks: "We weren't in the same street, the same neighborhood, the same town or the same ZIP code. I'm not going to say we needed a passport, but you could say we were definitely a few states apart." (Jayson Stark)
July 26: The Braves are "not going to trade Alex Wood for any of the guys on this market." (Jayson Stark)
July 26: The Braves were looking at Norris, even before Hudson got injured. Now their interest has "only intensified." (Joel Sherman)
July 25: Braves are "actively pursuing" Bud Norris (Jon Morosi)
July 25: Tim Hudson's injury has the Braves evaluating the trade market for starting pitching (David O'Brien)
July 25: The Red Sox had a scout at yesterday's game vs. the A's. (Peter Gammons)
July 25: The Cardinals are "not actively pursuing" Bud Norris. "Perhaps" the Braves might be interested due to Tim Hudson's God-awful ankle injury last night. (Ken Rosenthal)
July 24: It is "likely" that both Norris and Veras will be traded (Jon Heyman)
July 23: The Red Sox are "hovering" around Norris, but prefer to add Jake Peavy (Nick Cafardo)
July 23: Among the teams tracking Norris: the Diamondbacks, Orioles, Phillies, Pirates, Red Sox and Giants (Brian Smith)
July 23: Add the Twins to the list of interested teams in Norris (ESPN 1500)
July 22: The Indians are a "perfect fit" for Norris (Scott Miller)
July 20: Talks on Norris "have accelerated" since the All-Star Break (Jerry Crasnick)
July 20: The Orioles, Phillies, Pirates, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, and Giants watched Norris' July 19 start. (Brian Smith)
July 19: The Red Sox are interested in Norris, but the Astros' asking price is too high right now (Alex Speier)
July 18: Pirates, Dodgers, Jays, Giants, Rangers (if they don't get Garza), and "more" interested in Norris (Jeff Passan)
July 12: The Astros want two top prospects for Norris (Jon Heyman).
June 25: The Astros are looking for "volume" in any Norris trade (Jayson Stark)
June 21: The Orioles have their eye on Norris. (Britt Ghiroli)
June 19: Norris infamously says he wouldn't mind a trade to the Giants (Ken Rosenthal)
June 11: The Giants checked in on Bud Norris (Danny Knobler).
February 5: Bud Norris is "available" and teams are "interested" (Ken Rosenthal)
December 17: The Astros talked to the Rangers and Cardinals about Norris (Jon Heyman)