Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kent Emanuel update

A quick update on 3rd Round pick Kent Emanuel, who signed yesterday for an at-slot $747,700:

Emanuel will start the season in Kissimmee with the GCL, and then will head to Tri-City, where he expects to throw about 20 innings this season.

Why 20 innings? Even the New York Times got in on the criticism of North Carolina head coach Mike Fox about Emanuel's workload, but Emanuel said he's fine:
My arm feels great. Believe it or not, I just got done getting an MRI, and the doctor said my shoulder and elbow look as good as any he's seen in this Draft class. I'm good to go.

With Emanuel's at-slot signing, the Astros have signed all of their top 10 picks - and still have $1,077,300 remaining to target 11th Round pick Devonte German.