Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hey, what's George Springer up to?

While we lament Ronny Cedeno's very existence and continual inclusion in what the Astros are calling "a lineup," let's cast our gaze northward, towards Oklahoma City and find out how George Springer is doing:

Well, let's see...(Looks at Baseball-Reference) 19 games for Oklahoma City, he's hitting...this can't be right (pulls up his player page on Good God.

(Clears throat) Okay, in 19 games for Triple-A Oklahoma City, George Springer is hitting .403/.507/.871. With runners on base (28 ABs), he's hitting .500/.600/1.143.

Combine his tear at OKC with his performance in 73 games at Corpus, and Springer is hitting .316/.419/.633 on the year. He has 27 home runs and 28 stolen bases. His OPS by month?

April: 1.056
May: 1.011
June: .886
July: 1.475

That's pretty much all. I could go on, but I think our point is made here...


Anonymous said...

In June he said I better cut it out I'm gonna make my teammates jealous then in July just said Fuck it!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I don't want him in Houston now is because I think he could be a legit Rookie of the Year candidate with a full season. If we call him up now, he won't be eligable for next season.