Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Devonte German update

So the 2013 draft signing deadline is on Friday afternoon. The only real question mark is whether or not the Astros will be able to sign 11th Round pick Devonte German, a huge (6'5" 240lbs) high school pitcher out of Nevada, but who also can apparently play a mean outfield.

Jonathan Mayo wrote:
A true two-way player, German attracted scouts' attention with his athleticism and promise as an outfielder and on the mound. He throws in the low-90s now and his frame make it easy for scouts to project him to add even more velocity as he develops. German's combination of speed and strength makes him a potential impact outfielder if a team prefers to develop him as an everyday player. 

The question is his commitment to the University of Nevada. On the weekend of the draft, after his selection, German told his hometown paper that his "Go-Pro" number was $300,000. Now, the Astros have $1,077,300 left in their bonus pool. If German's advisor isn't a total nutbag, he knows this and his demands have shot up.

Nevada has a new head coach, Jay Johnson, who recently spoke to German in an attempt to get him to come to school. German said:

“(Coach Johnson) is all about development and preparing guys, which is huge for me. I’m super excited to hit and pitch in college, and see just how good I can get at both. I am super excited to be a college student, have the college experience, get a college degree and hopefully be a first-rounder in three years — as a hitter or pitcher.”

Yesterday German tweeted:
Just met with Coach Johnson, he's awesome!! #Wolfpack #Omaha #FirstRounder

Playing hardball via Twitter? Lobbying for 1st-Round money? We'll see what there is to see by Friday afternoon.