Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Craziness in the Quad Cities game

The Batguy mentioned this in his Morning Report today, but there was some craziness in the Quad Cities/Clinton game last night - and this on the same night as the crazy Lansing/Great Lakes game that Deadspin highlighted today.

With the score tied at six with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th and Jordan Scott up, Scott lifted a fly ball to the warning track, which would get the winning run home. Except Jabari Henry allowed the ball to drop and Austin Elkins crossed home plate, the ballpark and the RiverBandits erupting. This is precisely what Jabari Henry was going for.

Brett Phillips, who was on 2nd, never reached 3rd plate. Clinton appealed, tagged, and then threw to 2nd, hoping that it was determined that Teoscar Hernandez never reached second base

Here's Steve Batterson in the Quad Cities Times:
But, umpires ruled that Hernandez had touched second base and was retreating toward first as the celebration started, prompting a sometimes-heated discussion of more than 10 minutes between managers of both teams and the umpires that continued even as a postgame fireworks display began.

River Bandits manager Omar Lopez:
The umpire at first (Larry Allen) saw Hernandez on top of second base and because Teoscar had gotten there, there was no double play. Brett Phillips did not touch third and the out was called. Everybody was excited, running around. This is A ball, but hopefully he learns the next time he is in that situation that he has to advance. Baseball is a crazy game. It teaches you something every day.