Thursday, June 6, 2013

Draft Day running post

Let's just keep these all in the same place, huh?

4:59pm: Jason Parks isn't sold that the Astros are "down to" anyone.

4:45pm: Jim Bowden says the Astros "as usual" are playing it close to the vest.

4:26pm: BP's Jason Parks says "some scouts" question Appel's fortitude and "ultimate ceiling."

3:52pm: A "well-placed source" says the Astros are deciding between Kohl Stewart and Colin Moran.

3:28pm: Jim Bowden talks to a Scouting Director who "guesses" Houston takes Gray.

3:00pm: Perfect Game's mock draft has Jonathan Gray going 1.1

11:04am: Peter Gammons says the Astros will wait until 4pm to decide between Appel, Gray, or Moran.

10:22am: Keith Law has Mark Appel at 1.1 in his final mock draft. Jonathan Gray is Jim Callis' final prediction.

10:00am: Jonathan Mayo says the Astros are looking at Appel, Gray, Bryant, Moran, and Frazier. They're not concerned about Gray's positive test for Adderall.

9:00am: Marc Normandin's great breakdown of how the draft works. 


John Martin said...

The 10am Mayo link directs to your Cautionary Tales story.

Anonymous said...


appel isn't worth blowing that much of our spending pool.. For a team finishing dead last 2 years in a row, you need all the top prospects you can get,


Jay said...

Appel and Gray are going to get the same slot regardless of who's picked. Neither has a reason to take less than the 1-2 slot value because that's where the other will be picked. I think Appel is by far the better safer pick as he's already developed three above average pitches and still hits 97 on his fastball. Gray has more velocity but still needs to better develop his second and third pitches.

Maybe you could convince one of them to come down a bit from the 1-1 7.7 mil slot value but it's not going to be less than the 1-2 6.7 slot value. If Luhnow wants to go way under the slot value, Colin Moran is the pick.