Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dodgers close to landing Nolasco

According to someone Buster Olney knows, the Dodgers are 70% on their way to landing a trade with the Marlins for Ricky Nolasco.

The Dodgers are six games back of Arizona in the NL West, 2.5 back of the Giants, and three back of the Rockies and Padres. In other words, they're still very much in it. And landing Ricky Nolasco would certainly help their rotation.

The question is, What does this mean for Tim Tebow? would the Giants then overreact and try to trade for Bud Norris?


Terence said...

You guys should run a poll on whether or not fans want Bud to be traded and if we think it is a good idea or not. I guess it depends on the return, but I really see very little reason to trade him.

He's cheap, team controlled, stable, dependable, professional, and decently talented. He's 28, has been in the organization for his entire career, and likes living and playing in Houston. Do we really want to trade Bud?

Alex Cohn said...

Agree with the comment above.

But realistically, where will Bud be in 3-4 years when we're contending? If he doesn't fit into our future plans, then I see no reason to keep him now.

For one, having him now hurts our chances at landing Rodon next year. Being the second-worst team in the league won't do us any good in the long-term.

Second, we could fetch a hefty haul from him, for all the reasons you said--he's stable, dependable, professional, decently talented, and CHEAP.

He'd realistically be our #3 in 3-4 years, so I'm down to trade him.

Terence said...

Three things I disagree with there.

First the idea that we're 3-4 years from contending. I expect this team to be above .500 in 2015. If you're above .500 at the All-Star in this system, you're in contention.

Second, the idea that you should only keep talent that will help youwhen you are in contention. If you follow that logic, you will never reach contention, and the team will boring to watch and miserable in the process. You should trade a player if you can receive a return that gives more future value than your current player.

And that is my argument, I don't think we're getting a "hefty haul" for Bud Norris. I think he provides more value to the Astros than whatever we're going to receive. He's not 2011 Hunter Pence or Michael Bourn, he's probably not even 2012 Wandy Rodriguez. He's more like 2012 JA Happ. I've been happy with basically everything that Luhnow has done. I don't think I'll be happy the morning after we trade Bud Norris.

Alex Cohn said...

I threw out 3-4 years until we're contending, because I meant being WS contenders--i.e. not just relevant.

We may be near .500 by 2015, but I'd add a year or two until we're actually looking like legitimate pennant contenders.

So--yes, we'll be respectable by 2015, but will we really be full on pennant contenders by then? My guess is no.

My point was that keeping Bud right now is holding us from being the absolute worst team in the league...he's helping us be somewhat mediocre, which I do not like.

We're 15-12 in our last 27 games...and as much as I like seeing the occasional win, I think we're better suited, long-term, losing these games and collecting Carlos Rodon as a consolation adding some hopefully decent prospects in the mean time.

A cheap playoff bound team looking for cheap pitching help can seemingly find their match with us. We can accordingly assume our rebuilding plan, sulk to the worst team in the league, as opposed to the second or third worst team, and enjoy the fruits or our labors in 2016-17...

Alex Cohn said...

so we're on the same page, i'm down to trade bud norris, but only for NOT-wandy-rodriguez haul.

if we net decent prospects that can actually help us eventually...i think its a win-win...we get worse now, and hopefully better later.

but i dont want to lose norris just for the sake of losing him

Terence said...

If this team is going to finish the season with a record that is worse than the Marlins, management is going to have to actively suppress talent and development. I have zero desire to see the team do that because they really like a 20 yr old pitcher.