Friday, June 7, 2013

2nd Day Draft Pick Reactions

Mark Appel, on the negotiations with the Astros:
Mr. Boras is my agent and he will handle negotiations. Obviously, I will be very involved. But I trust him, and he's done a great job so far.

On 3rd Round pick Kent Emanuel, Mike Elias said:
We liked that he's a crafty thrower. He's a pitchability left-hander that spots up his pitches. When you have a competitor like that, it checks off a lot of boxes. 

I don't know too much about the specifics of the franchise, but I'm sure I will soon. I'm going to do my research, that's for sure. I know they're an up-and-coming bunch that wants to win again badly.

4th Round pick Conrad Gregor on signing:
Right now, I'm undecided, but the next few weeks are about my teammates, getting to the College World Series. I'll make the decision with my family, because it's a big one.

Elias, on 5th Round pick Tony Kemp:
We loved Tony Kemp. The word 'sparkplug' is used quite a bit. He has a ferocious approach at the plate and treats at-bats like they're wars.

Elias, on 6th Round pick Jacob Nottingham:
We think he's a steal. We evaluated Jacob as a top-five-round talent, at minimum.

Elias, on 7th Round pick James Ramsay:
He turned into one of the most captivating leadoff guys in college baseball and was arguably the best center fielder in the country. 

Elias, on 8th Round pick Jason Martin:
He's got what we call a very strong profile. He's left-handed, can run, hits for average and can defend. That's a leadoff hitter's tool set.

Elias, on 9th Round pick Brian Holberton, Elias said:
He's one of the guys who made (UNC's) lineup click. He has the power and the bat to slot anywhere in your order....What pushed him into our Top 10 rounds was that we saw him catch in the ACC Tournament, so we're going to try him out there. If that works out, we might really have something. He's just a solid ballplayer.

Elias, on 10th Round pick Austin Nicely, and his back injury last summer:
We're not really concerned about the injury. He's an athletic kid, and we saw him healthy at our player tryouts a few weeks ago. He impressed.