Sunday, June 9, 2013

11th Round pick Devonte German wants $300K

The Astros' 11th Round pick (317th overall) Devonte German would like the Astros to up their signing bonus to $300,000.

German, whose "Go-Pro number" was $300,000, and who has also committed to the University of Nevada:
The closer they come to ($300,000) the more comfortable I'll feel about signing.

German's hometown paper, the Reno Gazette-Journal, who apparently hasn't quite figured out that any player selected after the 10th Round who signs for more than $100K will have the overage counted against their bonus pool, says:
The Astros...have the highest bonus pool of about $11.7m. It would not be that much of a stretch for them to up their bonus offer to German if they can stay under that $11.7m cap.

That's a big If you're willing to throw out, there, RGJ.

German is also prepared for the negotiations to take "a couple of weeks."