Sunday, June 9, 2013

11th Round pick Devonte German wants $300K

The Astros' 11th Round pick (317th overall) Devonte German would like the Astros to up their signing bonus to $300,000.

German, whose "Go-Pro number" was $300,000, and who has also committed to the University of Nevada:
The closer they come to ($300,000) the more comfortable I'll feel about signing.

German's hometown paper, the Reno Gazette-Journal, who apparently hasn't quite figured out that any player selected after the 10th Round who signs for more than $100K will have the overage counted against their bonus pool, says:
The Astros...have the highest bonus pool of about $11.7m. It would not be that much of a stretch for them to up their bonus offer to German if they can stay under that $11.7m cap.

That's a big If you're willing to throw out, there, RGJ.

German is also prepared for the negotiations to take "a couple of weeks."


Jay said...

I'd be willing to shell out 200k if I was Luhnow. This is easily one of the five best prospects in this years Astros draft class.

Anonymous said...

They should give him the 300k and call it a day...this kid has a live arm and with the right coaches they can tweak his delivery a tad and he will be throwing 98+ consistantly and effortlessly