Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phil Rogers: Postolos resigned because of Crane

Once they were BFFs. Hanging out and negotiating deals in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers says that Postolos resigned out of frustration with Jim Crane's hands-on approach. He says Nolan Ryan - because of that - might not be a fit, while Craig Biggio is "campaigning for the job" but isn't qualified.

Rogers also mentions an Aaron Fitt (Baseball America) report that he would take Kris Bryant over both Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray:

Baseball America’s Aaron Fitt is a fan of University of San Diego third baseman Kris Bryant. In fact, he says he would take Bryant over Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray with the first overall pick in the June draft because he’s a “special power bat.’’ He’s hitting .346 with 28 home runs and 43 extra-base hits in 52 games for the Toreros, and has built those numbers without flailing at pitches off the plate (56 walks, 35 strikeouts).