Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update on J.D. Martinez's knee sprain

In an effort to not get hit by a pitch last night (something of which Carlos Quentin has no idea), J.D. Martinez sprained his knee. What's the status? Jose de Jesus Ortiz has a series of tweets with an update. Combined, they read:

"Just a little sore today. Not a lot of swelling," J.D. Martinez says of right knee sprain. Martinez said AT Nate Lucero says recovery could be anywhere from 3-5 days. "We have to do something . We are not going to play short for an extended period of time," Bo Porter said when asked about J.D. Martinez. Porter says they'll wait on (Fernando) Martinez until J.D. Martinez is evaluated by doctors today.

So obviously, the Astros need to make a move. Remember, they're down a roster spot anyway, so if they just let J.D. Martinez ride it out for 3-5 days, the Active Roster will be at 23.

UPDATE: J.D. Martinez has been put on the 15-Day DL, and Fernando Martinez has been called up from Oklahoma City.