Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Morning Link Dump

As another day of non-baseball-related things clogs my day, here's what you need to know from last night and this morning:

You can tell Jeff Luhnow is pissed with how the last week has gone:
“This is an unusual situation. Never in my career have I seen anything even remotely close to it.”

This is something we may have a chance to explore later tonight, but Erik Bedard is still basically in Spring Training thanks to hurting his ass. He's pitching like it, too. In that link, we also find that Josh Fields is throwing at 90% intensity as he recovers from his right forearm strain.

Jose Cisnero had a great debut as the Astros' 2nd starter last night, and was predictably excited.

Luhnow was surprisingly candid about the direction the Astros are thinking in June's draft (note: take his candor with a grain of salt, and I don't mean that in a bad way). They're scouting Mark Appel, Jonathan Gray, Sean Manaea and Kris Bryant, among an unnamed handful of other players.


Anonymous said...

Luhnow has NO one to blame but himself, for the mess this rotation is in. Rather than sign a
free agent pitcher (there were plenty out there)....he went CHEAP.
And cheap is what he got. Bedard
should NEVER been picked up, if he can't go past 75 pitches. Peacock
is a ROOKIE, Bud Norris only has two pitches, and has NEVER pitched a whole game. The only pitcher on this team is Lucas Harrell, and I fully expect him to be traded by the end of May. Grrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Part of that blame should be placed on the owner and his desire to cut expenses. It is hard to sign good pitchers for nothing.

Both Wandy and Happ are better than what they were replaced with, but of course, they cost money.