Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mike Foltynewicz an "undervalued asset," apparently

Here's a link to Phil Rogers' column from yesterday, where he catches up with Illinois native - and Astros' 2010 1st Round pick - Mike Foltynewicz (who hit 100 on the gun in his first start of the season.)

It's a schizophrenic piece, as it talks disjointedly about the future and the present (which just may be a metaphor, as the Astros are somewhat disjointed between...nah, that's probably offering too much credit), but Foltynewicz is highlighted.

Given that Foltynewicz is an Illinoisiaisaisan, his draft experience (as it relates to the Cubs and White Sox) is mentioned:

"I talked to a guy from the Cubs once, but the White Sox were never around. I was right out their back door, but I don't think they were interested at all."

Oh well, Foltynewicz knows what's going down in Houston:
"In three or four years, we're going to be a fun team. We're going to be competing for the World Series, no doubt. We have some awesome talent."

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