Thursday, April 18, 2013

Law: 1-1 is between Appel and Gray

Listen, I've mentioned this before, but trying to predict what the Law Offices of Luhnow, Goldstein, and Elias will try to do in the draft is a fruitless exercise. I'm not good at predictions, so I rarely make them. But Keith Law has an updated Top 50 Draft prospects (Insider-Only) with Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray as the two clear-cut favorites.

As a rule, we don't pull too much from pay sites, but a couple of key thoughts might convince you that it's worth it to be an ESPN Insider.

On Appel: Could pitch in the Majors in 2014.

On Gray: Might have as high a ceiling as Appel.

And then your key phrase:
After these two guys, you could go in a lot of directions. There is no clear No. 3.