Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is great news if you want an excuse to not watch the Astros this season

Here's David Barron with an update on the CSN Houston fiasco, and it's not pretty.

Barron quotes a statement from from DirecTV about CSN Houston:

“Unfortunately, we have yet to be able to reach an agreement with the owners of CSN Houston that allows customers to choose whether they want to pay to see the games or not. We are ready and willing to have that discussion any time so we can begin providing this network. Until then, DIRECTV customers can still see Astros games on FOX, TBS, MLB Network and especially ESPN (which carries the season opener) or hear the games on Houston’s KTRH 740 AM, XM Radio and other regional radio carriers.”

HAHAHAHAHA Because Fox, TBS, MLB Network and ESPN are all lining up to show regular season Astros games in 2013. HAHAHAHAHA. So what CSN Houston is telling DirecTV subscribers is:

1) You can watch Astros games on networks that aren't planning on showing any Astros games or
2) Listen to games on the radio.

Remember, will not work for you if you are in Texas, or any other state that even thinks about Texas.

Click the link to read Barron's thoughts and take on a similar situation currently taking place in San Diego.