Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fernando Rodriguez has torn UCL (maybe)

We all knew Fernando Rodriguez wasn't right. Whether that was because of Teh Suck, or because he was actually injured was up for debate. Looking at his monthly splits from last season, he had a Terrible June/July, but rebounded in August/September.

Well,'s Jane Lee tweeted this afternoon:

Fernando Rodriguez tore his UCL but is getting a second opinion before committing to Tommy John surgery.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz responded to one of our tweets by saying Rodriguez sounded fine last month:
@AstrosCounty He actually sounded good when I spoke to him last month in Arizona. He was feeling good.

That's obviously not good for the A's, who acquired F-Rod with Jed Lowrie. F-Rod threw in consecutive games 16 times in 2012, and on one day of rest an additional 25 times. Maybe the A's should send any bills to the Cleveland Indians, c/o Brad Mills.