Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some Not Good News for Fernando Martinez

Here's a Hardball Talk post from this morning mentioning a series of tweets from ESPN's TJ Quinn saying that Major League Baseball are going hard after players linked to the south Florida-based Biogenesis clinic.

Cesar Carrillo - who spent a brief period of time with the Astros organization - was suspended 100 games (50 games for being on Biogenesis documents and 50 for lying to MLB about knowing "Dr." Tony Bosch). As Quinn points out, Carrillo is a minor-leaguer so he doesn't have the Union's protection. MLB wanted him to cooperate, he didn't, so they busted his nutsack like a week-old avocado.

Why is this bad for Fernando Martinez? Because last month Martinez was linked to Biogenesis, allegedly owing Bosch $4000 for treatments in February and March 2012.

Since Martinez does have Union protection, it may be harder for MLB to do anything, but it at least sounds like they'll try.