Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ah hell, here we go.

I was waiting on it. I spent two weeks waiting on it. But here we are.

Fernando Martinez, potential Astros outfielder, has been linked to the Miami-based Biogenesis clinic which has already prompted denials from Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, among others.

Martinez, who has spent more time on the DL than he has on an active roster*, apparently/allegedly owes Tony Bosch $4000 - $2000 in each February and March 2012.

The Astros have no comment.

*more or less

The Chronicle's Brian Smith notes that Martinez is represented by ACES, owned by Seth and Sam Levinson. Ten of the 25 players implicated in the Biogenesis "scandal/non-scandal" are ACES clients.


maroonedTexan said...

Does this mean Jeff Bagwell won't get into the HOF next year?

In all seriousness, this is a bummer.

cardsjason said...


Anonymous said...

To be fair...we don't know what the money was for.

However, for a young guy like Martinez, it could be the difference in whether he gets a good look or not....unfortunately, it's very clear that a lot of guys will take their chances with PEDs, and as the Melky Cabrera case shows, you'll always be welcome back by some team if they think you can play.....