Thursday, March 14, 2013

How's This For Job Security

From Andy Martino, via Hardball Talk  comes a quote from Jeff Luhnow that is very interesting:

“People know Bo is going to be here for a long time,” Luhnow says. “He could be one of those guys who is an Astros manager for decades, not just years. The players knowing that this is the group that’s going to be here -- it begins to lay the foundation for stability, which is really what we’re looking for.”

All this before he wins a single game in the majors. This could all be bluster, but I think its part of a conscious effort to let Porter know that his job is not on the line if the Astros perform poorly this year, or maybe even the next. Luhnow has taken a very long term view of building the franchise, and hiring Bo Porter seems to part of that vision. 

Time will tell if Porter is the right man to guide this group of young players, and the next wave after it, to long term success. But if Luhnow's quote is any indication, he will be given every opportunity to do so.