Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't know if you've noticed, but Mark Appel is killing it at Stanford so far

The guy most everybody thought the Astros would take with the 1-1 in 2012 - Mark Appel - is currently killing it at Stanford, after deciding that the Pac-12 for another season is a better option than signing with the Pirates.

Stanford is currently 10-5, after what I guess is a surprising sweep (I don't follow it, but I was surprised) at the hands of UNLV - at home, no less - breaking Stanford's nine-game winning streak.

They're 10-5 overall now.

But prospective 2013 1-1 Mark Appel is killing it. Even though he got the loss in the opener against UNLV, Appel threw 7IP, allowing 4H/1ER, with 15K:1BB.

In four starts (two complete games) for Stanford in 2013, Appel is 2-2 with a 1.20 ERA/0.77 WHIP, with 43K:6BB in 30IP, allowing just four extra-base hits in 110 PAs.

Just something to keep an eye on...


Anonymous said...

First of all: STAY HEALTHY ! The days of riding college pitchers until they drop is mostly over, but when a team gets into a regional or CWS and has to come through the losers bracket.....a top pitcher can end up on the mound for as long as his team needs him.....

If his season continues at this level, he'd certainly be in line for the #1 pick, but.....Boras would probably insist on the same deal he asked for last year, even though he's a senior....Luhnow might prefer to maximize his signing budget as he did last year, if there's a viable & signable pitcher available as an alternative.

Anonymous said...

Draft him with NO intentions of signing him. The money alloted to sign him would TRULY maximize the budget in other places. And, it'd give the Astros 2 high first rounders..

John Martin said...

re: Anon 2

IIRC, you don't get any of the money alloted to that pick if you fail to sign the player drafted.

Astros County said...

Yep, John is correct. If the Astros draft Mark Appel and don't sign him, the money slotted for the 1-1 pick (which was $7.2m in 2012) is then removed from the overall draft bonus pool. That number for the Astros for 2013 is $10,880,000. So drafting Appel and not signing him cuts into a huge chunk of cash (we don't know the slot values for 2013 yet, I don't think).

Now, given that Appel is a senior, his leverage goes down a bit, but since Boras was his "advisor" I bet they get what they want.