Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crane, on Nolan

I wouldn't put much stock into the "Nolan Comes Home" after-school special, reading his comments today.

Read the whole thing, because it's fun, but Crane knows Nolan's in Cooperstown in a Rangers cap, he remembers the negotiations to buy the Rangers. And as our buddy John Royal mentioned on Twitter today, Ryan is still a minority owner in the Rangers. Make all the jokes about Texas you want, but that level of incest just won't do (and is officially a "conflict of interest").

In other Jim Crane news, it's clear that he's looking to get out of Kissimmee when the contract ends in a few years, and talked again today about the possibility of coming to Florida's east coast.

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maroonedTexan said...

I for one hope we don't bring Nolan back even if all those other problems are dealt with. The reason Nolan may want out with the Rangers is because they are taking away his powers on the baseball side of things. SO to add him here would essentially cut Luhnow and Co off one year into their rebuild. I live in Dallas and from what I have heard and read it does not seem that Nolan is a very saber friendly guy so if he were brought in as President of Baseball Operations (or a comparable title) he would undermine the staff that we have assembled.

I have no problem with Nolan and would love to see him back in some capacity but I don't want him touching the baseball side of things (which is what he seems to want).