Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Lunchtime Link Dump

Here's your Tuesday Lunchtime Link Dump:

*The Astros never made an offer to Lance Berkman:
"I totally understand and it was probably the right thing to do given the plan that they have in place.”

*The New York Post is butt-hurt about the Astros' potential impact on the AL Wild Card race. 

*Players in whom the Astros are not interested (somehow this is news-worthy): Vlad Guerrero, Mike Carp.

*Roger Clemens has no plans to coach or manage.

*Jordan Lyles hasn't been assured of a rotation spot.

*Carlos Pena is mentoring Chris Carter.

1 comment:

Brian Arbour said...

I won't say "give the NYPost some credit," because they never deserve it, but...

the article is actually pretty positive about the strategy used by Luhnow and the prospects for long-term renewal for the 'Stros. He doesn't pull the whining "integrity of the game" and demand the Astros waste a bunch of money to make a push for 60 wins.