Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's almost Springer Time!

Interesting series of tweets from Brian Smith (who is a must-follow) this morning regarding George Springer and the look he's getting this Spring.

(Pasted into one coherent paragraph):

#Astros prospect George Springer said he's making his first legit spring training start today against #BlueJays. #Astros are very high on George Springer right now and his start isn't a random occurrence. Club wants to give him a full look during ST. There are several options for Springer in 2013. Could start at AA CC and move to AAA OKC. But if he's ready for AAA, he might begin there. #Astros are going to let Springer dictate his immediate future and aren't going to hold him back. When he's ready, they're ready.


Anonymous said...

Nice debut by Mr. Springer!

Reuben said...

I love Springer, but I see absolutely no reason to start him at AAA this year. He struggled in his AA cameo last August, and struck out a ton even in LAN. Let him develop at his appropriate pace, folks. If he absolutely tears up AA pitching, sure, promote him, and maybe even give him a September call-up. But I think the more likely ETA for him in Houston is August or Sep 2014.