Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bovada sets Astros win O/U at 59.5

Here is the Twitpic of the 2013 season win over/under from Bovada. The Astros' O/U is 59.5 wins. How that compares to the rest of the AL:

Detroit: 92.5
LA Angels: 92.5
NY Yankees: 88.5
Toronto: 87.5
Tampa Bay: 86.5
Texas: 86.5
Oakland: 83.5
Boston: 82.5
Chicago White Sox: 80.5
Baltimore: 78.5
Kansas City: 78.5
Seattle: 77.5
Cleveland: 76.5
Minnesota: 67.5
Houston: 59.5

So, as far as Over/Unders go, the Astros are eight games worse than the next-to-worst team in the AL. Only the Marlins come in under the Twins, with their O/U win total set at 63.5.