Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Expect George Springer in 2014

Hey thank God CSN Houston's website isn't blocked in the Houston area, amirite? Here's a post from John Kelly about George Springer, the Astros' first pick in the 2011 draft. 

As Kelly mentions, Springer hit well in 2012, his first real season in the system (as he only got 33 PAs in 2011). For Lancaster in 2012, Springer posted a .955 OPS in 106 games, and a less-than-stellar .630 OPS after his 22-game stint in Corpus. 

But dadgum, those strikeouts. He struck out 156 times in 581 PAs in 2012 - 26.9% of his PAs. Twenty-five of those strikeouts came in the 81 PAs in Corpus - 30.9%. 

Luhnow knows this, too, since he presumably can read Baseball-Reference just as easily as I can. And he has, you know, seen him play, and gets reports and stuff from people who saw him play that very night. He said on Saturday:

"We know what type of player (Springer) is...he's a speed, power, strikeout guy. Great work ethic, great athleticism. I think he knows the issue on the strikeouts."

So that's why Luhnow tabs him more for 2014 than 2013. And keep in mind, the guy only has 614 professional PAs. 

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