Thursday, January 31, 2013

DeShields just outside Top 100

Two days ago we summarized the Astros on Jonathan Mayo's Top 100 Prospect List and noted that Delino DeShields, who was ranked #77 last year, fell completely off the list.

How did that happen? Well, we'll discuss that later today or tomorrow, but it's worth noting that Mayo posted his 101st-110th prospect list today (saying there was "no time" to go into each of the players on the list).

DeShields made this particular list, at #102.

Mayo had some words about the passionate reaction to DeShields' fall:
You thought people were upset that Ben Affleck didn’t get a Best Director nod for “Argo”? You should talk to Astros fans about Delino DeShields Jr. Sheesh.

Update: It seems as though the lists we linked to in the original post were not pre-season rankings, they were that season's end-of-season rankings. Check out WTHB's post on the subject...