Friday, January 18, 2013

A quick look at payroll

So the Astros' Bud Norris has a $3m guaranteed contract for 2013. Unless Wesley Wright has nude pictures of Jeff Luhnow and makes a KILLING in the arbitration negotiation, and assuming that the Astros don't sign any other free agents, Bud Norris' $3m will make him the highest-paid player on the team. I thought it would be fun to look and see how many teams have players on the roster making more than $3m guaranteed (and this is as of January 18, 2013, and does not include arbitration cases yet to be decided):

Dodgers: 19 (!)
Blue Jays: 14
Yankees: 12
Red Sox: 12
Angels: 12
Rangers: 11
Tigers: 10
White Sox: 10
Nationals: 10
Phillies: 10
Giants: 10
D'Backs: 10
Royals: 8
Reds: 8
Cardinals: 8
Cubs: 8
Rockies: 8
Rays: 7
Twins: 7
Orioles: 6
A's: 6
Brewers: 6
Indians: 5
Braves: 5
Mets: 5
Pirates: 5
Padres: 5
Mariners: 4
Marlins: 1

Again, there are plenty of players whom Baseball-Reference pegs to go over $3m or 2013, but this is the list. It's not a criticism - at all - but there are 242 players making more than the highest-paid player on the Astros.


farmstros said...

Good information.

Austin Lansell said...

It’s nice to know that they are really paid well. Sometimes I am thinking of joining a sport because I can see that there are lots of players that earn more than an employee who works in an office.

Helmer Muntinga said...

Look at that oodles of cash they are getting. Too bad I was never good at sports.

Morgan Morrison said...

These athletes earn more money in a year than mine in my lifetime. I do hope that they would their due taxes correctly just like me.

Cathy Brunetti said...

Such gifted individuals. Making the cut for the lineup even your not a star can give you millions of dollars. That's better than any 8-5 job that I know.