Friday, December 7, 2012

Rangers official lets Astros know they got Justin Upton

According to Peter Gammons, an official from the Rangers called someone from the Astros on Wednesday night and said "We got Upton."

That's all the context I can give you. So what does it mean? A couple of possibilities:

1) The Rangers are a bunch of douches, and are calling the Astros to tell them of their acquisition of Justin Upton purely out of spite and to let the Astros know in no uncertain terms, "You guys are in some serious trouble now, were you not already in serious trouble before."

2) There is, in fact, a multi-team trade on the table involving Justin Upton. Thus, the Astros are somehow involved, and are about to trade somebody to someone else, and receive something back from that other team. And it involves the Rangers and Diamondbacks.

Either are strong possibilities.

UPDATE: ESPN Dallas's Ben Rogers tweeted:
WAIT! Source just called who talked to Gammons, who said: "They thought they had him, but it unraveled." Not sure why he didn't tweet that

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