Monday, December 17, 2012

Not so fast about Berkman...

Just because the Astros signed Carlos Pena doesn't mean they're out of the Berkman Sweepstakes, says Ken Rosenthal.

Berkman has spoken of retiring to spend more time with his family. Astros, even with C. Pena, open to his return.

Heyman is even in on it:
Lance Berkman, an alltime astro, recently met with owner Jim Crane. word is, berkman still not 100 pct sure he's playing 

So here's the situation: Berkman isn't sure if he wants to play, but met with Jim Crane, anyway, who remains interested. I have absolutely no basis for this speculation, but I'm guessing the Astros wanted an answer about his intentions, he couldn't commit either way, and the Astros had to move on Carlos Pena rather than get left with their, uh, bat swinging.

Update: Luhnow told Daniel Gotera that the "door isn't completely closed" and that they will touch base (ha ha baseball term) in January.