Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deshaies reaction, updates

Some reaction to the engagement of James Deshaies and the Chicago Cubs, of Chicago.

Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan:
The Astros never were really competitive with their offer, one source said, believing Deshaies' ties to the organization would keep him from leaving.

Houston Press:
(The) pair was a match made in broadcast heaven. But, like all things with the Astros over the last couple of years, the only constant is change on the field and in the broadcast booth.

Chicago Sun-Times:
Industry insiders viewed Deshaies as “wild-card’’ candidate considering his lack of Cubs ties, and one Chicago sports TV veteran called it “shocking’’ to see him win the job over former Cubs Eric Karros and Todd Hollandsworth.

Len Kasper:
“While JD is not a former Cub, he’s been in our division since he started pitching for the Astros. He’ll hit the ground running as far as knowledge of the Cubs, but I’m going to enjoy working with him. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It will take time to build chemistry in the booth, but we get three hours a day to do it.”

Houston Sports Counterplot:
Crane foolishly chose to play his own version of “businessman chicken” with one of his prized assets. And now that Deshaies has flown the coop for the Cubs, all that’s left for Crane is crow.

What the Heck, Bobby:
Seriously, I love what Luhnow is doing on the baseball side, but Crane needs to start getting some good PR and he needs to start getting it soon. Other than the uniforms, it's been the drip, drip, drip of Chinese water torture on Astros fans.

Crawfish Boxes:
It's good to hear that the Astros gave it the ol' college try, but fans will nontheless be jaded by the Astros perceived disregard of the their opinions. We've lost so much - and this is just another kidney punch. We're getting used to them.


Hal J said...

"While JD is not a former Cub, he’s been in our division since he started pitching for the Astros."

Len Kasper is wrong. The Astros and Cubs were not in the same division when JD started pitching for the Astros.

ntxlfty said...

You're right. I used to think how stupid it was that the Braves were in the West and the Cubs were in the East. At least we were graciously allowed to be in the N.L.