Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goose Gossage is an idiot

You thought the BBWAA was the only lying sack of crap, didn't you? That they're giving mixed signals after remaining silent for so long regarding steroids, while standing idly by and watching home run after home run fly into McCovey's Cove - and now they're passing judgment on players?

We can add a Hall of Famer to that list: Goose Gossage.

Goose Gossage is kind of an idiot. Today he said that, were a "Steroid Guy" to be elected to the Hall of Fame, he would never go back to Cooperstown for Induction. Jim Bunning - himself an ignorant blowhard - apparently had a discussion with other Hall of Famers a couple of years ago, and said the same thing:
“The consensus in that room was, if they got in, (baseball commissioner) Bud Selig would have to greet whoever was inducted by himself. He’d be alone on the stage. None of the current members would show up.” 

Except, hey, what do you know? At the press conference announcing his own induction to the Hall of Fame in 2008, he admitted:
"They weren't around in my time, but if they were I probably would have been tempted to use them...
The money is so great that it would be easy to be tempted. And who am I to say I wouldn't use them?..."If you did it, the best thing is to fess up and life will go on,"

Unless, of course, a jury decided that you weren't guilty of lying about taking steroids. That doesn't count.

Gossage, June 22, 2012:
"Even though he was found innocent, it was because of the bad testimony. No one believed (Brian) McNamee and (Andy) Pettitte kind of changed his thing, 'Did I really hear what he told me.'... Cheaters? Does a test count when you get busted for cheating on a test. No and neither should steroids. There is no place for them in the Hall of Fame...."

Gossage was asked again whether he would take steroids:
"I probably would have. Steroids weren't a part of the game when I was playing. Toward the end, we wondered what was going on. We knew something was going on. Absolutely, I probably would have."

So, just to get this straight:

1) Gossage, towards the end of his career, wondered what was going on with baseball.
2) But not enough to take a stand, or say anything about it.
3) And furthermore, "probably would have" taken steroids.
4) But Gossage's suspicions transcend legal boundaries, thus
5) Nobody should be allowed to join the club.
6) Jim Bunning is a jacknut.

How do you expect the BBWAA to sort all this out when the Hall of Famers themselves contradict themselves?