Friday, November 30, 2012

Tom Verducci on Biggio's HOF chances

Tom Verducci took a (very) cursory glance at Biggio's career, and assesses his Hall of Fame chances. Click the link for the full write-up, but your money quote is:

It's a close call, but if he does have to wait, it won't be for very long.


(Not Hank) Aaron said...

"Roberto Alomar and Barry Larkin were better players, and neither made it on first ballot."

That made me angry.

Biggio fWAR 70.5 bWAR 62.5
Alomar fWWAR 67.9 bWAR 62.9
Larkin fWAR 70.5 bWAR 67.9

On what basis is he so sure they were better?

timmy! said...

Defense maybe. Larkin played shortstop and played it well. Alomar was considered very good defensive at second base. Maybe slightly better would have been a better description.

(Not Hank) Aaron said...

Both Fangraph WAR and Baseball Reference WAR incorporate fielding and positional adjustments. They were almost indistinguishable players, and all deserve the HOF.

Anonymous said...

Larkin and Alomar put up similar (or better value) in significantly less playing time (500-700 fewer games). They've also got Championship rings (Alomar's got two) and twice as many All Star appearances. Larkin's got an MVP; Alomar's got ten Gold Gloves.

Even if the mathematical quantitative output was similar, Larkin and Alomar's quality and public perception were much higher...