Thursday, October 18, 2012

Highlights from Porter presser today

New Chronicle Astros beat writer Brian Smith has been live-tweeting the Bo Porter introductory press conference today like a boss. Some things we learned:

This is not a stepping stone for me. I'm not looking to build the Houston Astros into a championship organization and go somewhere else. I'm all in.

*Conflicting reports about Tal's Hill and the Train. Either Jim Crane will not be altering Tal's Hill or the train for the 2013 season, or a decision will be made next week. Of the two, most likely to change will be Tal's Hill.
*Matt Galante, senior advisor for baseball operations since 2009 (and who had previously been with the organization from 1980-2001), had an option to return to the team in 2013, but has declined in order to pursue other opportunities.
*The Astros will be spending money this off-season, and will be targeting OF/DH positions.
*Coaching staff positions will be announced in phases, not all at once. Names being considered are "recognizable."
*Matt Dominguez - based on a strong conclusion to 2012 - is early favorite for 3B1 in 2013, but Brandon Laird and Brett Wallace are possibilities.
*Your first three rotation spots are locked down with Harrell, Lyles, and Norris (order given by Luhnow), but SP4 and SP5 are up for grabs. Luhnow wants to have nine SPs available to get through the season.
*Minute Maid Park will get an updated paint job, but only after November 2. 


cardsjason said...

Inereating about how they are gonna spend a little this off season. Excited to see who the coaching staff will be.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that Luhnow is continuing to talk up Wallace as a potential regular to maybe set him up for a trade to one of the few remaining teams that have not owned and rejected him yet....horrible third baseman, below average first baseman, well-below average offensively for either infield corner position.....Dominguez is at least a plus defender at 3B, and 1B/DH types are the easiest players in baaeball to acquire....not hating on wallace, but if anyone in the history of baseball has had more chances to establish himself (and failed), I haven't seen him....

Anonymous said...

Again, with the Hill, just rename it "Jim's Hill" to comfort the man's ego.

I really don't agree with the post above regarding Wallace being well below average offensively for either position, but I completely agree that toying with the idea of him at third is ridiculous. It just makes me question Luhnow's judgement. Defense matters, you can't just stick anyone anywhere. That is fantasy team construction, not real team construction.