Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tim Bogar to interview Wednesday

So it's been confirmed that Red Sox bench coach Tim Bogar will interview for Astros manager tomorrow (again - he interviewed for the position before Mills was hired), which is interesting since the Red Sox are in Tampa playing the Rays.

He joins a list of Bo Porter, Larry Bowa, Dave Martinez, and Tony DeFrancesco to officially interview for the position.

In this WEEI piece, Joe Maddon talked about Tim Bogar (who was on the Rays' staff prior to joining the Red Sox):
"He communicates well. Primarily, with me, the job requires the ability to unify a group or communicate, or develop trust, or however you want to put it. Those are the key ingredients as far as coming on as a first-time manager in a situation like that in Houston, which is very similar to what we went through here in Tampa Bay several years ago."