Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Larry Bowa is fluent in gibberish

If the Astros are looking for a manager who puts a lot of words together without saying anything (which is what Derek Jeter has done for years), they might have found their guy in Larry Bowa:

"You know, we are very flexible. We watch a lot of stuff.' And, like I said, I take all those numbers and look at them, and there's some that you just, you know, you use, and it's very beneficial to you. And there's others ... You can't measure a guy's heart...

When you go out to the mound to make a pitching change and you look into a guy's eyes, that tells you a lot, as opposed to, sometimes, numbers. But they have a very good front office in line right now. I do think that team's going to be pretty good in about three or four years."