Wednesday, August 22, 2012

McTaggart refutes Ausmus rumor

So you may have noticed yesterday that we quoted a source - who we feel is completely reliable - that Brad Ausmus had interviewed for the Astros managerial job (twice).

Today Brian McTaggart said that's not true.

We'll see how it plays out. Obviously, we're not happy with McTaggart's status, as it makes us look like schmoes, but we'll see. And you likely won't believe us the next time we do something like this.

Update: There's no way I'm telling you who the source is, but we're sticking by the rumor. If you knew who the source was, you'd believe it, too. Ausmus may not get hired, but I whole-heartedly believe he has interviewed.


Anonymous said...

It was Tal Smith right? That's my guess. Him or Ed Wade.

Astros County said...

Ed Wade and I don't hang out after the old popsicle trick. And in 2011, Tal Smith tried to eat my brains.

Anonymous said...

I would expect a lot of denials from all parties as far as interviews during the search goes. The candidates don't want to appear to have been passed over and the Astros don't want to appear to have been turned down. I would expect that McTaggart is just pushing the organization's line here.

Denials would be especially necessary in the case of Ausmus where the timeline could lead to questions of whether or not the interviews took place before Mills was officially let go.

Anyone who watched the game Friday night where Ausmus threw out the first pitch saw him in the box talking with Luhnow. At the minimum it was certainly part of a feeling out process for both parties regardless of whether or not you call it a formal interview.

Anonymous said...

Oh Geez. Please no! The last thing we need is this jack-hole filling out a line-up card.

Way over-rated as a good baseball person. He sucked in his prime and stuck around too long! He was an average defensive catcher and never even tried to improve his bat. Made a lot of money catching great pitchers --- Pitchers who were smart enough to call their own balls and strikes! The best thing he did for this team is leave! He was opportunistic --- nothing more. Hell, even his finest moment (the homer in the '05 playoffs) was actually an umpire mistake!

This has-been is a never-was! Let's move on; not look back!

'Stros need to go get a real manager... not someone who's going to make excuses for a 200 hitter in the line-up everyday.

Just kick me in the gonads now!

NO NO NO!!!!

What The Heck said...

I think Anonymous #3 might need to get that Xanax prescription refilled now.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Brad Ausmus wouldn't be a great manager needs to lay off the pipe.

Way above average defensively. Outstanding game caller. He's an ivy league grad, insanely funny. Would be great handling a young team and keeping them loose.

That said I think he takes a coaching job maybe as pitching coach before manager

Terence said...

I know the bandwagon is small enough at the moment but can we vote out folks who don't have a clue. If you believe Brad Ausmus is a "jack-hole" "never-was" "average defensive catcher" who's best moment came in 2005, you don't know baseball and we don't need you.

Anonymous said...

I have no desire to see the "Wet Noodle" back in Houston either.

Go get a manager with a track record of winning.

Bringing Brad back would be something that Drayton would do.

Simply awful

Reuben said...

I'm with Terence. Anyone who judges managerial candidates by their batting average is a moron AND a dumbass, and I'd prefer to avoid reading their opinions here.

Anonymous said...

Has Brad Ausmus won any games as a manager? Ever? I vote no and not a chance.

Anonymous said...

How many did Larry Dierker win before taking the job?