Monday, August 6, 2012

Jim Callis on Ariel Ovando

I've seen and answered several questions about Ovando's performance so far this year at Greeneville, but I'm always eager to see what those with much more experience judging prospects have to say about our PreStros. Over at Baseball America, Jim Callis answers one reader's questions about Ovando.

While Ovando has made some encouraging progress in 2012, he's still far from a finished product.

I agree with Callis' view here. While Ovando's batting average may look a bit shinier, his walk and strikeout rates are essentially the same they were last year, and his power numbers haven't increased by any statistically meaningful amount, either. I have heard that his defense looks much better this season, and the numbers prove that out so far. In all, Ovando is still very raw.